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  • Alphatex

    Alphatex is a modular internal interchangeable tile system. Individual tiles or tile strips clip into a PVC ribbed backing. Fixing applications include wall boards, door and desk plates, stands and showcases and complete directory installations.

    The versatility of Alphatex has been proven in offices, banks, shopping centres, museums, hospitals, airports, bars, cinemas and libraries. In fact almost every situation where a sign needs to be altered with ease.

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  • Infotex

    Infotex is a modular internal or external aluminium panel system. Infotex can be used for door and wall plates, directories and both single and double sided projecting and suspended signs. There are six standard heights 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm & 160mm. An extensive range of colour finishes are available, together with a range of detail trims to enhance the product.

    The slim elegant design of the system enables Infotex to work effectively in any environment, and it's modular nature and range of fixing options make it both flexible and interchangeable.

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  • Papyrus

    Papyrus is a paper insert door plate system designed for organisations who need the facility to generate graphics on their own computers. A polycarbonate panel clips into an aluminium extruded holder which holds the paper in place.

    Papyrus is available in A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and custom made sizes in either flat or curved versions.

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  • Paneltex

    Paneltex is the complete external sign system. A unique rounded aluminium extrusion clamps panels to their poles for free standing installations, wall suspending and projecting signs.

    Poles come in three diameters 38 mm, 63 mm & 76 mm. Available within the system are a number of accessories such as crossbars and lighthoods.

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  • Lynester

    Lynester is a display showcase system which can be incorporated with alphatex or infotex for directories, or a variety of internal materials to display posters, notices or information.

    Lynester can be produced single or double sided, illuminated or non-illuminated. Any size up to 2400mm x 1200mm is available in portrait or landscape format. Lynester can have a side hung or top hung door using a unique hinge design ensuring that the doors remain secure and do not drop. The showcases have an anodised or powder coat finish and two sizes 60 mm and 100 mm case sections are available.

    Please request quotations for sign systems pricing.